Odometer Correction with the Diagprog 3 programmer

Easy and Safe Mileage Correction


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Advantages of Diagprog Pro

Reverse voltage protection:

      Annoying and unnecessary repair work because of reverse polarity belong to history.

      The Diagprog Pro has an integrated reverse voltage protection, thus the durability is guaranteed and soldering errors do not automatically involve a breakdown of the device and consequently to unnecessary repair works. Breakdowns of this kind can take some time and usually involve further breakdowns.

Diagprog Pro-Connecting: Connecting and programming control

      The unique function of the Diagprog Pro is that in case of EPROM-                     programming as well as processor programming etc. the connection between the soldering points and the device is measured, checked and graphically displayed. Thus, soldering errors and incorrect connections are no longer possible. Errors, defects and time-consuming repair works belong to the past now.

      Vorteile DP3


Illustrated instructions:

      High-resolution and self-explaining illustrated instructions are demonstrated in unique quality by the laptop contained in delivery.

      Vorteile DP3

      The graphical illustration is done by a 15 inch Tft screen.

      Quality or topicality of illustrated instructions of many comparable devices are often poor. Illustrated instructions integrated in small hand sets have not proven practical either.

Programming of all control units:

      As a leading manufacturer and as a speedometer programmer with the by far largest and most complete vehicle lists, we insisted on enabling the programming of additional control units. The software required is already included in the Diagprog Pro. The hardware is automatically delivered as well. Thus, programming of keys, EWS, LKM, engine control units, BCU, BSI, operating hour meters, ZGW, Assyst, service memory, error memory etc. is really simple.

      Vorteile Diagprog 3

      Copy protection:  Massive safety measures make copying of the Diagprog Pro impossible and, as a consequence, almost exclude the risk of cheap copies of China or similar low-wage countries. Thus, the manufacture, distribution and support of the Diagprog Pro is guaranteed in future as well. A price decline of selling as well as during the service itself is consequently almost impossible and retailers as well as service providers are protected.

Self-testing and repair of the Diagprog Pro:

      The Diagprog Pro contains a unique self-testing function. In case of a defect, a functional check can be carried out by means of an additional function included in the software.

      Vorteile diag Prog 3 Pro

      On this occasion, the defective component is named. The components usually are conventional chips which are available on the market for some cents.

      “Nasty rip-off“ and excessive repair invoices are consequently excluded

      Interface test, screen test, of the MMC cards and flash memory test!

Memory capacity of the Diagprog Pro:

      The Diagprog Pro has a 2 gigabyte SD-Card, thus guaranteeing an enormous memory capacity of the device and the possibility to store datasets almost unlimited.

      Diagnosegerät DP3

Support of the Diagprog Pro:

      Thanks to the variety of the software and the unequalled range of vehicles, almost all kinds of vehicles are programmable in all over the world. This requires international support.

      Tachodiagnose DP3

      The company Diga Soft International offers support in five different languages.

Diagprog Pro Dongle

      Dongles required for programming are already included in the hardware.


      Unnecessary hardware is dropped and thus repair works as well!

Instructions and handling of the Diagprog Pro:

      Programming of the Diagprog Pro is completely different than that of many conventional speedometer programmers. Apart from the topicality and professionalism of the illustrated instructions programming itself is usually much simpler and understandable than regarding most speedometers available on the market.

      DP3 Pro

      To name some examples, we have demonstrated some instructions in illustrated form for you and listed in the following.

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Diagprog III Kit

Professional version

€ 8.999,00
in stock
+ 19% VAT (BTW)

Version Mercedes-Benz
in stock
+ 19% VAT (BTW)

Version VAG Modelle: VW / Audi / Seat / Skoda
in stock
+ 19% VAT (BTW)

Version BMW & MINI
in stock
+ 19% VAT (BTW)

includes: Hardware, software, all related cables and detailed instructions on a CD with exactly described programming steps as well as high-resolution illustrations as well as a communication programme for the speedometer.
One-week crash course on request in five languages: German, Spanish, English, Greek, Croatian Transportable laptop with integrated instructions and communication programme for the DP3-speedometer system and a professional soldering and hot-air station with fine soldering iron and an integrated hot-air station.

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